Engaging SoCal Students on the Land

Students from Orange Lutheran High School restoring Benton Ponds

One of ESLT’s projects recently benefited from the hard work of 9 students and 3 teachers from Orange Lutheran High School. The group assisted ESLT staff members two days in late September to remove aggressive hardstem bulrush at Benton Hot Spring Ranch Ponds, one of our conservation easements, to restore habitat for the Owens speckled dace, a native fish.  One of the teachers, Jessica Hernandez, wrote “…the girls keep coming into my classroom saying how much they wish they were at the pond. They had a blast and truly enjoyed the opportunity to serve out in Benton.” A heartfelt thank you to OLHS!

University of Redlands students and professor with Tony and Victoria at Crowley Hilltop Preserve

Today Board President Tony Taylor and AmeriCorps Member/Education Coordinator Victoria Ortiz led a freshman class from University of Redlands on a tour of Crowley Hilltop Preserve. We saw Round Valley mule deer, smelled Jeffrey pines and enjoyed a marvelous view of Crowley Lake and Long Valley.

ESLT is dedicated to having an active role in our communities – educating people of all ages about the value of preserving rural lands in the Eastern Sierra. Lands in the Eastern Sierra region are irreplaceable – please join us for our Highway Cleanup this Wednesday, and experience the value of caring for our magnificent rural lands.