Rally 2012: Celebrating the Spirit of the Land

Most every year, some ESLT staff and board attend Rally, the national land conservation conference, hosted by the Land Trust Alliance. Held in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rally is an amazing time for land conservationists to gather to learn, share ideas and inspire one another to strengthen their work to build strong communities with open space, clean air and water, sustainable food sources and natural habitats.

This year, ESLT sent off four board members and one AmeriCorps member. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“The theme of this year’s national Land Trust Rally was “The Spirit of the Land.” Spending 4 days with over 1,500 land trust leaders from all over the USA is a spirit-lifting experience every time I go. And having our 3 new board members and our AmeriCorps member attending gave me the opportunity to enjoy the meetings through the eyes of these great folks who are new to the land trust world.”

– Tony Taylor, ESLT Board President

“I learned from the conference the importance to never stop bringing in new people to help with ESLT’s’s mission, whether its young professionals or kids. Because at the conference and here at ESLT, we want to make sure we’re really aiming for perpetuity. I also learned that even though it might feel like a drop in the bucket for conservation here in the Eastern Sierra, we’re actually part of a larger worldwide effort where everyone is making great strides in preserving lands.”

– Heather deBethizy, ESLT Board member

“I gained much from the Rally.   The sessions provided great information about land trusts and ideas for increasing support and engagement.  I also was impressed with the presentation on measuring the specific impact of conservation projects.  It was a very rewarding experience and well worth the time.”

– Bob Gardner, ESLT Board member

“The Land Trust Alliance Rally was a great opportunity for me to learn about other Land Trusts across the country. I felt a great comradery amongst all participants and a willingness to share their successes so that others may learn. One interesting thing I learned is that land trusts are moving to Latin America! Quick fun fact: conservation easement en espanol = servidumbre.”

– Victoria Ortiz, AmeriCorps member

“Rally was a great opportunity to gain an overview of the conservation easement process, from (if you’ll pardon me) the ground up, presented by knowledgeable and experienced experts. Attendees were an open and friendly bunch, also sophisticated in all things ‘land trust’. I came away with great appreciation for the complexity and importance of our mission, and increased enthusiasm for the opportunity to participate.”

– Will Richmond, ESLT Board member

Save the date for Rally 2013 in New Orleans, LA, September 17 – 19, 2013!