Member Spotlight: Local Bishop Artists Lend a Hand with ESLT’s Next Big Event!

At Independent Project Press, musician and designer Bruce Licher produces album covers and promotional stamps for a notable collection of musicians, as well as a selection of elegant and creative business stationery, invitations, wine labels, and more.

Since becoming members of ESLT this past spring, local artists Bruce and Karen Licher have been actively supporting our mission to preserve vital lands in the Eastern Sierra. Working on ESLT’s Arts Committee with several veteran committee members, they are helping to plan our annual Art for Conservation Show and Sale – taking place Labor Day Weekend in Mammoth Lakes at Mono Council for the Arts’ Festival of the Arts and Music!

An accomplished painter and photographer, Karen Licher’s work is inspired by the colors and textures of the earth. She also plays a role in printmaking at Independent Project Press. Visit her website to view some of her art!

As the artists behind Independent Project Press, the Lichers have become very involved in the local arts scene since they moved to the Bishop area three years ago. They recently exhibited some of their work at Black Sheep Coffee Roasters, which featured Karen’s paintings that incorporate earth collected from the Eastern Sierra, and Bruce’s hand-letterpress printed record album jackets and promotional posters. These pieces made quite a splash, and the Lichers donated a portion of the exhibit sales to support ESLT!

I recently asked Bruce and Karen to talk about their work and how they’re lending a hand with ESLT.

How does your artwork contribute to the local art scene?

Bruce: We’ve started having booths at the local art shows, and have begun offering classes at Independent Project Press; that has helped us connect with the community and meet so many interesting and creative artists. There are plenty of artists around who are looking to do something a little different; we’re hoping to make our space [at Independent Project Press] conducive to this less commercial, more innovative artwork.

Karen: Our goal at the press has always been to offer the tools to the community, and to just see what everyone can bring to the table – having students of all skill levels come in and let their creativity loose has been very rewarding.

Why did you decide to support ESLT?

Karen: It’s a great way to contribute to the community and give back to the land we care about. ESLT is doing a lot of involved, constructive work; we’ve donated to other environmental organizations in the past, but this is special because it’s about where we live. It really hits home, so to speak.

What has it been like joining ESLT’s Arts Committee and working on Art for Conservation?

Bruce: It’s really nice to be a part of the planning process, and to connect with a great group of people through the Land Trust. We were originally hoping to have a booth at the festival, but our schedules were just too tight – volunteering for ESLT presents a perfect way for us to be a part of the fun without having our own displays. We will be showing some of our artwork, too!

Thank you, Bruce and Karen, for your time and contributions!

To view their artwork in person, visit the ESLT Art For Conservation display booth at the Festival of the Arts and Music, taking place at Sam’s Wood Site in Mammoth Lakes over Labor Day Weekend! Click Here for more information.

Here is a small selection of Bruce and Karen Licher’s artwork:

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